How to Avoid Hiring Bad SEO Companies

Many companies that wish to succeed in the online world will often need to avail of the services of an SEO agency. Unfortunately, if you get saddled up with an incompetent agency, then you could end up losing thousands of dollars in both your investment and in possible future profits.

It can be especially difficult to discern the best SEO companies from the worst ones if you are not equipped with the technical skills, or even with the basics, in SEO. To help you sort out the good SEO companies from the bad ones, listed below are a few tips and warning signs that signal a bad SEO provider.

Overly Cautious and Secretive with Information

Forming an arrangement with an SEO agency does not automatically give them free reign over the management of your online business. It is vital that you actively participate in whatever changes or strategies they are planning to implement. It will ultimately be your business that will either benefit or suffer in the long run after all.

If an SEO company is already unwilling to share even the basics of their services from the start, then it should already serve as a clear warning sign of their shady dealings. You should make sure that you are aware of everything that they are planning to do with your website, especially since their marketing techniques could either make or break your brand and business.

 seo companyKnowing about the details of their strategies is particularly important when it comes to the aspect of link building. You should always make sure that you will have the final say when it comes to the possible websites that will publish your content and advertise for you. Only choose reputable websites so that you can also project a similarly reliable and positive image to your potential web visitors and clients.

Overly Lofty Promises

If their promises sound too good to be true, then there is a huge possibility that they are just that. Though it might be tempting to believe that you can get the number 1 ranking on Google’s search engine within a few months, not even the best SEO companies can give you that guarantee. Likewise even if you do achieve that much coveted position, it will be extremely difficult to ensure that you will actually stay in that position for a prolonged period. This is primarily due to the fact that Google changes its algorithms on an almost daily basis so your rank could also fluctuate at a similar frequency.

Additionally, if the SEO provider claims that they will be able to deliver outstanding results within short timeframes then you can be sure that those are merely empty promises. Legitimate SEO companies need to allot a great amount of time and effort in order to make anything happen. Success can only be achieved through consistent and persistent SEO changes implemented over a period of one year at the very least.

Self-centered Approach to Marketing

In order to create a strong and long-lasting online presence, your SEO company should be willing to employ a variety of methods and disciplines. If they are solely concerned with targeting keywords and building links, then you will miss out on the many other factors that you could utilize to make your website more search-engine friendly.

Your SEO provider should be willing to work together with the other people who are trying to make improvements on your site. Coordination and harmony between all of the marketing teams will be the key to making a truly successful and profitable online investment.

Crowded Client Lists

Although it might initially seem like a good sign if your SEO consultant is working with a long list of clients, it will eventually hurt your business in the long run. Since he will be torn between different projects, you will not likely get the attention and service that you paid for. In order to ensure that your consultant will be able to spend more than a few hours a day on your website, ensure that he is handling no more than five clients at any given time. Large businesses in particular will need an SEO provider who is willing to clock in a few days a week to make sure that all of the minor issues are quickly resolved before they begin affecting the rest of the company.

Pricing Issues

Although you want to get the most of your hard earned cash, you should still expect to spend a considerable amount to get the desired quality of output. You should expect to spend upwards of $1000 per month if you want to get the most out of your SEO consultant. If the price that they’re offering is $500 per month or even less, then you can expect that they will only be giving you the minimum effort and output as well.

In the end, hiring a good SEO company is a truly daunting task. However, it is one that you must accomplish if you are determined to survive and even thrive in the online world. Hopefully, these tips and warning signs will help you find a truly competent one from the thousands of bad companies out there.

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The 4 Major Things You Will Miss Out On If You Don’t Hire SEO Services

seoIt’s astonishing how many bloggers and article writers sit down and write longwinded entries about how SEO is a dying trend, and you don’t need to worry about that. Some marketing professionals have even gone as far as to make claims in regards to hiring SEO services. The claims are usually directing people to focus on the DIY type of methodology of implementing advertising online. Meaning, that no one should hire professionals, and moreover, that search engine optimization is something easy that can be implemented with a few clicks and text updates.

The perpetuation of myths concerning SEO services and other projects that you can use for internet marketing are definitely worth exploring. Let’s say that you didn’t go with the hiring of any help, and instead, you did everything on your own, you would be missing out on 4 major elements, proving that the pundits and many bloggers are wrong about optimization strategies as they are in place today.

Properly Modified Webpages

There are a lot of eyesores that you can traverse on the web today. One of the many involves implementing code improperly. Many pages utilize the wrong HTML syntax, or they overstuff keywords in the wrong place. These modifications can be the fault of a designer, or they can be part of that “DIY” optimization style mentioned above. Without hiring SEO services, you could end up with many pages on your site that have the same title. This is evidenced by the search results you will get when you look up “UNTITLED DOCUMENT” online. If you’re skeptical, search that online and see how many pages you will receive. Some of the sites are expertly designed, which is even sadder.

Search Engine Queries (traffic)

The internet yields millions of requests on a daily basis. Pick your favorite search engine and they are hit with questions, keyword searches, and so much more on a regular basis. You will not be able to escape this at all. If you do not hire someone to help you with optimization strategies, you will not show up in search engines. It’s that simple. If you want to show up when someone searches for certain keyword phrases, or questions, then you will definitely want to hire someone. Don’t rely on your own research and strategy, because that could put you at a disadvantage. If you want traffic, you’ll need to comply with proper protocol related to search engines.

Targeted Web Traffic (SEM)

Hiring SEO services is not just about optimization strategies. They can also assist with the marketing aspect of these pages. You could end up advertising on pages closely related to your site. In fact, you could very well show up with large scale sites that deliver ads to millions of people. Recently, newspapers went behind this methodology, and you could very well be on the same page as the latest news, or blogs that get a lot of traffic. For a small price, you could have unlimited amounts of targeted web traffic, ready to convert. Imagine getting people to visit your site that are looking for exactly what you’re selling, promoting, or offering.

Long Term Reach

Let’s say that you invested in six months of SEO work and decided to stop. You could very well see 6 months of traffic and more from that investment through the rest of the year. Of course, after that flood of visitors, you may see a drop off if you don’t hire someone else to jump into the fray and update your pages and reach online. This is perhaps the best benefit that you will miss if you skip out on the notion of hiring professionals for the purpose of complying with search engine optimization, the right way.

4 Types of Content For SEO Glory You Need To Work On

SEOThe old adage online is that “content is king”. You cannot escape this, even though some people try to do so. If you want to gain serious market share online, you will need to factor this into your overall reach. If you do not do this, you will need to chase the opportunity at least once in your marketing cycle. Without looking into this, you are going to find yourself in all too familiar territory, with no major traffic hitting your page. To avoid that fate, you will need to look this in a whole new manner. There are 4 major types of content that could boost your seo and give you amazing traffic, when done correctly. Of course, as with anything in optimization, this is going to take a lot of work and time. The following are just a few things that you should consider moving forward.

Video Tutorials

One of the most powerful things that you have on your side is simple, and that’s your knowledge of your niche. If you have no mastery of your own niche or corner of the market, then you are missing out on something very important. It’s for this reason that you absolutely need to cycle through video tutorials, whether you are on a voice over or in front of the camera talking about what you know. If you’re not keen on this, then hire someone to help you with this, and get uploading. You’ll find yourself amidst a great deal of market share overall, guaranteed.

Top 5 or 10 Lists

Right now, millions of lists are being published online. Some of the largest websites in the world deal with pop culture and lists are the format in which they get a lot of attention. If you want a share in this, you will want to chase it with the use of top 5 and top 10 lists that rank certain elements within your niche. Do this often enough and your traffic will explode into a whole new stratosphere. This will take some leg work and you’ll need to rank things based on opinion, but other than that, you will find yourself amidst a great deal of opportunity if you chase this correctly.

Product Reviews

Another way to gain a great deal of attention online is to get yourself into the review category. Start writing a great deal of reviews and you will gain a lot of popularity fast. The key here is to ensure that you are not just choosing random products, but rather selecting things that are in the media and are getting publicity already. If you pick obscure items, you will not go far in terms of traffic. Traffic is everything when you’re chasing the right kind of products, because it could help you gain affiliate marketing conversions, sales and much more. Don’t skip out on this content type.

Commentary on Current News

When working on seo, nothing is better than the current news. Take the current news and link to a high authority page, use a quote, and run with your own version of the story. This doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be current. The commentary that you state should be unique and your own opinion overall. That way you are going to be getting some market share from the news that is getting publicized daily. Do this for enough time and you will increase your traffic systematically overtime.

The 4 content types above will help your seo cause straightway. The key is to stay focused and continue to update on a regular basis. Just don’t forget to keep everything unique. The more unique your work is, the better chances you will have to impact traffic.